Spring 2013

Itís busy times here at Moorlands, with the breeding season upon us, having the first outing for one of Lordyís (Kamilaroi Lord of the Manor) first born.  Along with Rupert and I attending Equitana Sydney for the Waler Horse Legacy.

Moorlands Disco Fever, Lordyís first progeny made his show ring debut. [pictured below] 

Disco had a cracker of a show for his first outing. Taking in the gale force winds along with dealing with the show atmosphere Disco was well behaved, mannered and took the day all in his stride. Disco came home with Champion Colt or Stallion Riding Pony, Champion Arabian Riding Pony, Reserve Champion Part Bred Walsh and Reserve Champion Saddle Pony colt.  We couldnít be happier with these results.


Equitana Sydney & Rupert

We are on the final weeks to the countdown to Equitana Sydney, Rupert is coming along well and with the time we have had for the process of the Waler Legacy, I am happy with   how he is progressing.  Itís going to be a huge task for Rupert to deal with the atmosphere that he will be going into, but again I am confident with his training and him that he will give me his all to do his best.  At the end of the day that is all I ever want him to be able to do.  Itís been a huge ask of such a young horse, (Vet has aged him as 2 Ĺ or 3).

I have total enjoyed the experience I am sharing with Rupert, from introducing him into domestication and in starting him.  The wealth of knowledge he has given me is invaluable and only adds to making me a better trainer for the horses that will follow on after him.