About The Waler Legacy

Jack, Blackie, Rupert, Midnight....or Major M Shanahan's mount, Bill the Bastard.... some of the names given to the Australian bred Waler horses that headed to war in faraway lands, have all faded into our past. The Waler horse was tough and hardy and carried not only their rider, but survival gear too – a total weight of about  21 stone, or over 130 kilos! – but few of these heroes came back.

Today thousands of Walers run free in Central Australia and are being rounded up on a regular basis for processing as pet food. When their plight was brought to the attention of EQUITANA Australia we 'swung into action' to create a way to assist the wonderful Waler horse at EQUITANA Sydney 2013.

"The Mitavite Waler Legacy" aims to showcase the beauty and versatility of these horses that are part of our Australian Heritage and how we can still value them today. Six Waler horses were selected from Central Australia by equine professionals and matched to six trainers from different disciplines.


Over the next 12 months you will be able to learn about the Waler Horse and how our trainers are going with their new partners.  You will be engaged by this story that transforms wild Waler’s into remarkable and valued working horses, so make sure you follow the “Mitavite Waler Legacy – Australia’s History Their Future”. 

About Rupert

Description: Approx. 15.1hh, 2yo, stallion, seal brown with a white star
Origin of the name: Rupert was an outstanding black gelding, bred in Queensland who was purchased by King Edward VII in 1906. When King Edward VII died in 1910, Rupert was ridden by King George V at the funeral. Rupert was again ridden by King George V in 1916 when he reviewed the Australian Troops commanded by General Monash whilst in camp on Salisbury Plain.